Monday, January 31, 2011

Lessons learned

I just finished (with help from my siblings) a move of my mother to a nursing home where she has a semi-private room.  Half a room.   She moved from a two-room apartment in an assisted-living home, Three years ago, we had moved her from a full apartment to assisted living, and five years prior to that, we moved her from a house.

Lesson 1: Simplify and clear out detritus.  Only keep things that are truly treasured or else useful.
Lesson 1.1:  Only treasure the things that connect us to people we love - not 'stuff' that has some supposed market value.  

Lesson 1.1a:  Of the things we keep and treasure because they connect us to loved ones or great experiences - only keep a sampling.  Do not try to recreate the person or the experience by virtue of an abundance of memorabilia. 

Of all the things that seems so important to preserve, many end up being discarded or donated as they become irrelevant or un-useful.  So, those shoes that no longer really fit well - let them go sooner rather than later, when perhaps someone else must move them out.  Piles of papers - go through it NOW to select only what is of enduring importance.

It would horrify me to think that my family members may need to go through my possessions and make the decisions that we had to make this past weekend.


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